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Building bridges between communities


Dialogue & Diversity is a Jewish initiative of intercultural dialogue, whose objective is to promote understanding and acceptance of our differences...


the best way to solve problems and to fight against war is through dialogue

Malala Yousafzai

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Workshops for School - Embracing My Diversity

D&D welcomes schools located in Brussels, private and public for an introduction to Jewish culture and a workshop on Diversity. Our aim is to create a “safe-space” for students coming from different cultural backgrounds to discuss the topic of diversity. With this get-together, young people will get a chance to learn about the diverse identities each one has within themselves and will rediscover what makes up the identity of their classmates.

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A women’s discussion group that gathers once every two months with Jewish, Muslim, Christians, Buddhist and non-confessional women in a warm and open environment to discuss each other’s challenges, culture and tradition and where we address the stereotypes and misconceptions we face in a frank way. Each session tackles another topic and at the end of a cycle of 5 meetings we lead a social and common project together.


Because the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow we organise training session for youth leaders and students 4 times a year to give them guidelines and equip them with tools to shape a more inclusive society. It is a way to empower young people and give them the keys to participate fully in the society.

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Sport brings with it strong values such as mutual respect, ethics and perseverance. Through our sports activities, which take place three times a year, amateurs and athletes from diverse cultures come together around a common passion for sport that goes far beyond their differences, in order to play with pleasure, exchange and build a strong and lasting friendship.


High-level entrepreneurs from different industries, backgrounds and schools of thought meet to exchange best practices in business terms and can benefit from a professional presentation, 3 times a year.





We inform national and EU representatives about current issues of discrimination and we work to promote the visibility of initiatives leading to its resolution. We encourage national and EU officials to support dialogue as an essential way to address the problem of polarization in our society, and to encourage them to move towards a more inclusive society.



A discussion group between senior religious leaders who meet 3 times a year and share commitment to human dignity and work together to prevent conflict and promote peaceful coexistence and encourage their communities to do the same. These meetings are often followed by a conference open to the public with about 50 people in attendance.  


Meet The Team


Advisory Board

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Nehama Uzan

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Programme Director - European Jewish Community Centre

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Alena Flintzak

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Communication Manager


Linn Laemmle

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Volunteer in the Action Reconciliation Service for Peace


Katharina Veerhoff

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Volunteer of the

 European Solidarity Corps

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Dan Sobovitz

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Speechwriter and Digital Communication Strategist to Vice-President of the European Commission

Stephanie Lecesne.jpg

Stephanie Lecesne

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Training coordinator,
A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe (CEJI)

Alfiaz Vaiya.jpg

Alfiaz Vaiya

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Coordinator of the European Parliament Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup

Lahcen Hammouch.JPG

Lahcen Hammouch

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Director, Almouwatin 
(The Citizen)

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Sharon Galant

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Co-Founder Zeitgeist Literary Agency

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Eric Melloul

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Directeur, Verlinvest

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Rabbi Avi Tawil

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Director, European Jewish Community Centre



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