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Embracing My Diversity

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D&D welcomes schools located in Brussels, private and public for an introduction to Jewish culture and a workshop on Diversity.

Our society is made of diverse social and cultural elements. D&D encourages the discovery of other cultures to bring more understanding and acceptance of others. 


·  "Introduction to Jewish Culture"

We give students the opportunity to explore for themselves Jewish traditions by visiting a synagogue and learn about Jewish community life today in Europe and around the world and its own diversity. 

·   "Identity Games"

Our aim is to create a “safe-space” for students coming from different cultural backgrounds to discuss the topic of diversity. With this get-together, young people will get a chance to learn about the diverse identities each one has within themselves and will rediscover what makes up the identity of their classmates.

Through this exercise we learn that when we have a human being in front of us we can see much more than a single stereotype narrative, instead we can focus on the individual and be attentive to his or her identity spectrum.

Practical information:

·        This activity is for students of 7 to 18 year of age.

·        The maximum number of participants for each group is 20 students.

·        The games will vary according to each age group.

To schedule an activity please contact:


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