School Workshop at the BJAB
We gave a workshop at the British Junior Academy of Brussels! The workshop included a short introduction into Judaism and a autodidactic game to understand how identity makes you act in groups and train communication skills.
Walk and Talk with the Entrepreneurs of Dialogue & Diversity.
Walk and Talk with the Entrepreneurs of Dialogue & Diversity.
People's Prayer for Peace 2020
Zoom Iftar-Omer celebration
Visit of School Institute Saint-And
Screening of "Fierce Light" @EP
Meeting w/ H.E. Abushahab UAE ambas.
EPP annual conference 2019
Watching of "Hors Normes"
Cercle d’éveil sur la méditation
Women's Discussion Group, Dec. 19
Visite, Atelier & Lunch
Women's Discussion Group, Feb. 19
Visit of students
Visit of Bavarian Youth Council
People's Prayer for Peace
Silent march for Respect & Unity
Women's Discussion Group, Oct. 13
Women's Discussion Group
Students from Catholic seminar
Workshop on diversity with students
Entrepreneurs Dinners
Film Screening @EP
Visit of Master students
Women in the fight of radicalisation
Women's Discussion Group, Jun 17
Visit of Bahrain Delegation
Shaping the future of work
Latifa Ibn Ziaten European Parliamen
Conference of European Churches
Participation of D&D at ENAR
Perspective Of Mediation
Intercultural Shabbat Dinner
Religious Rituals and Fundamental Ri
Conference EP Int Womens Day 2018
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