Past Events

  • Round - Table: Intercultural Dialogue

    Brussels' growing cultural diversity is undoubtedly a source of wealth for all those who live there. An incredible opportunity to meet other cultures and to learn from them on a daily basis. The democratic management of cultural diversity is both a priority and a perpetually unfinished task. A work to be constantly put back on the job to "live together in equal dignity"

  • Film Screening at European Parliament

    Film Screening under the Article 17, with the presence of Ms Mairead McGuinness, First Vice President of the European Parliament and Latifa Ibn Ziaten as Guest of Honour.

  • Women's Discussion Group

    This is an open group with a warm and welcoming environment that gathers once every two months Jewish, Muslim, Christians and non-confessional women to discuss each other’s challenges, culture and tradition and we address the stereotypes and misconceptions we face in a frank way.

  • Run4Peace

    Because sport fosters mutual respect, teamwork and perseverance, we run together to share a message of peace and unity in diversity

  • Shaping the Future of Work: A faith-based contribution

    The world of work faces transformative changes. Several processes and innovations, such as digitalisation, globalisation, artificial intelligence, but also the need for an ecological transition alter the conditions as well as our understanding of work and employment. To discuss these challenges from a faith-based point of view, COMECE, together with the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the European Economic and Soclal Committee (EESC) and its faith-based partners, organises an interreligious conference on the future of work

  • Conference: Role of women in fighting against radicalisation

    Exchanges and reflections on the phenomenon of radicalization, with the participation of many women from different origins and cultures. The debate should help to understand the process by which a person takes the decision to make a radical choice and adopt a new vision of the world, breaking with its social context

  • Visit of Bahrain Delegation

    Wonderful exchange during the Holiday of Chanukah with H.E. Dr. Bahiya Jawad Aljishi, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain and Nancy Dinah Elly Khedouri, Member of Shura Council together with Rabbi Avi Tawil, Director of the European Jewish Community Center. 

  • Visit of Faculty of Protestant theology 

    Master students from the Faculty of Protestantism and Religious studies visiting the synagogue and exchanging on the importance of interreligious dialogue.  

  • Film Screening at EP "White Right: Meeting the Enemy"

    Deeyah Khan - daughter of Pakistani who immigrate to Norway - joins the frontline of the race wars in America. She sits face-to-face with fascists, racists and the proponents of the “alt-right” ideologies. Deeyah’s need to find the deeper human causes of horrific social forces opens a different possibility for connection and solutions. Rather than dismiss these men as monsters, she’s determined to discover the men behind the masks.

  • Intercultural Entrepreneurs Dinner

    High profile Business people from differing industries, backgrounds and schools of thought to exchange best business practices and benefit from professional presentations.

  • Women's Discussion Group

    The workshop brought Jewish, Muslim, Christians, Buddhists and non-confessional women to share their individual journeys and exchange perception on spirituality and godly figure in an open group with a warm and welcoming environment. Women to discuss each other’s challenges, culture and tradition and we address the stereotypes and misconceptions we face in a frank way

  • Visit of High school students 

    High school students visit the European Jewish Community Centre as part of their Israel - Palestine programme.

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